Life Coach Certification and Training Courses

Becoming certified as a Strategic Intervention coach will provide you with the expert knowledge you need to help people grow, overcome obstacles, and form better human relationships. You can begin to practice Life Coaching as a career or emerge equipped to create change in yourself, your family or friends, your spouse, or your workplace.

Life Coaching Certification and training courses are not all created equal. At Robbins Madanes Training the courses impart the Strategic Intervention techniques developed over decades of research and analysis resulting in the most effective strategy for creating real and lasting transformations. What distinguishes SI from other strategic studies is the belief that certain holistic solutions "snap into place" when more people's needs are met, expressed, and elevated. Why? Because our solutions are based on the principle of growth and contribution. Any change, when it is reinforced by growth and contribution, not only "sticks" but it goes on to positively influence hundreds of other people.

“I have a background in psychology, have coaching certifications from two other coaching organizations with solid reputations in the industry and this exceeds their training by far. It was great learning my own needs and how I get them met. This has allowed me to see how others get their needs met. Don’t wait to take this training!”


Educator, Program Administrator, Counselor

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Life Coach Certification in Strategic Intervention Coaching from Robbins-Madanes Training

Strategic Intervention coach training encompasses coaching for Strategic Success, Peak Performance, Transforming Relationships, Health and Weight Loss, Effective Parenting, Overcoming Loss, Leadership in times of Crisis, and more.

Our SI life coach training and certification course consists of three parts to encompass multiple learning experiences:

  1. Access to video case studies of un-scripted real-life interventions by Tony Robbins

    These videos are with actual individuals, filmed and expertly narrated, describing each step of the coaching process for your understanding. The sessions you will witness go beyond the boundaries of traditional NLP by the depth and breadth of the change thy can produce with Strategic Intervention. These films offer an unprecedented insight into real-time human transformation, as you'll see a variety of people dealing with serious human problems - divorce, bankruptcy, and depression - and how these problems can be turned around in under 90 minutes.

  2. Participate with the course founders in live phone-based teleclasses

    These sessions present innovative strategies for creating change for a variety of presenting problems, as well as an opportunity to ask questions. We'll take whatever time it takes to make sure that you're able to make significant progress and a breakthrough. Get together with other students in small live phone discussion groups to discuss what you are all working on. Engaging in weekly calls makes certain that we are all keeping touch as a community, and all learning together at the moment when we need help.

  3. Inclusion in a vibrant Strategic Intervention coaching community and participate in exciting workshops

    Practice your learning in a series of workshops that instill life coaching skills in each student. The result? You get a "coaching instinct" from this training that exceeds any training that merely focuses on "book learning” and access to a unique community made up of expert coaches, business people, helping professionals, and policy makers. We highly recommend masterminding with these smart and caring people!

"Tony Robbins' brilliant clinical work elucidated through Cloé Madanes' wise clinical acumen! Revealed for the first time are powerful techniques for individuals and systems that will help change agents craft rapid, enduring effects. Experience and learn from masters."

Jeffrey K Zeig, Ph. D.,

Author of A Teaching Seminar with Milton H. Ericson, M.D.

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Strategic Intervention Coach Certification

This course grants you Certification and gives you everything you need to start and sustain a successful coach practice from Robbins-Madanes Training. If you are a licensed therapist or other professional you may also receive 100 hours of continuing education credits.

Client Startup Kit

In addition to the training, you will receive a client start-up kit with simple step-by-step instructions guiding you through the first three sessions with any client so you can start coaching right away.

Coach Marketing Business Plan

Maximize your success by positioning yourself effectively. Our most successful coaches have followed this strategic plan for creating effective, highly relevant, and meaningful relationships with their prospective clients. You will receive the plan for setting up your own coaching practice. 

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